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27 Oct 2013  |  Press Releases

Waseela and Wireless Vision Sign a partnership Agreement to Combine their Development and System Integration Activities for Visibility Management and Wireless Tracking Solutions

The leading regional ICT and telecom system integrator, Waseela,, and Wireless Vision,, announced during GITEX 2013 that the two companies decided to partner together to combine their collective solutions and capabilities for serving the growing industry of Visibility Management and Wireless Tracking within the MENA region. At Waseela’s booth in GITEX 2013, Dubai – UAE, both companies are jointly demonstrating latest technological advancements and solutions in the domains of passive RFID, active RFID, WiFi RTLS, Asset Management and Inventory Management. Among the demonstrated technologies are solutions that enable the wireless tracking of even files, while on the other hand there are solutions that can wirelessly track people to high accuracy inside large buildings. Some of these solutions are WiFi based and thus are also introduced by Waseela was WiFi Monetization solutions for operators and large enterprises. Dr. Samer Taha, Waseela’s CEO, stated that “the partnership with Wireless Vision comes to enrich Waseela’s portfolio with wider range of solutions in the domain of wireless tracking specially since Waseela has been active in the development of systems for Tags Tracking & Management and Indoor Navigation based on WiFi RTLS technology.” We are confident that the rich experience of Wireless Vision as a leading regional provider of integrated wireless tracking solutions will be of critical value to complement Waseela’s end-to-end wireless solutions, Dr. Taha added.   Mr. Fady Rozaiky, Managing Director of Wireless Vision commented on this partnership “we are very pleased to partner with Waseela, the leading regional ICT system integrator, as this partnership provides Wireless Vision with a stronger delivery platform and wider end-to-end system integration capabilities. We are witnessing significant increase in demand on Visibility Management and Wireless Tracking solutions within the MENA region and we believe with this partnership we are together more ready to serve and fulfill the requirements of our customers in areas of asset management, inventory management, people and equipment tracking. Mr. Rozaiky added that these solutions are being demanded from customers in various market segments including manufacturing, medical facilities, hospitality, retail and warehousing.  

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24 Oct 2013  |  Press Releases

Waseela Partners with Aruba , the Internationally Leading WiFi Vendor, to Complement Waseela’s 3G Offloading and Enterprise Mobility Offering to the MENA Region

The leading regional ICT and telecom system integrator, Waseela,, announced today that it had selected the leading WiFi technology provider, Aruba Networks ( to complement its portfolio of broadband wireless technologies. Waseela is using the opportunity of GITEX 2013 to engage with customers and partners about the benifits of the latest product releases from Aruba Networks and demonstrate how the partnership delivers turnkey 3G offloading and enterprise mobility solutions based on state-of-the-art WiFi solutions to customers across the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region.       Raed Taha, Director of Business Partnerships at Waseela, commented on this development by stating :The selection of Aruba Networks’ solutions comes as an important addition to the rich portfolio of Waseela’s end-to-end integrated solutions. This addition is specifically important for complementing Waseela’s 3G Offloading solutions to telecom operators and Waseela’s Enterprise Mobility solutions to medium and large enterprises within the MENA market.” Mr. Raed added that at the time of this announcement both Waseela and Aruba Networks are collaborating on the delivery and implementation of one of the largest 3G offloading projects in the whole MENA region which highlights the importance and value of this collaboration among the two companies. Mr. Osama Alhaj at Aruba Networks said “This partnership illustrates our commitmebt to the region and offering customer the best possible solutions  Aruba Networks will continue to expand its collaboration with Waseela to offer turnkey and end-to-end solutions to our joint customers in the region.”  

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21 Oct 2013  |  Press Releases

SAF Tehnika, the World Leader of Customized IP Microwave, Appoints Waseela as its Preferred System Integration Partner for the MENA Region

  The leading regional ICT and telecom system integrator, Waseela,, announced today that it signed a partnership agreement with the SAF Tehnika,, the internationally leading manufacturer and supplier of customized IP Microwave solutions that are fully designed and produced within the European Union. Based on this agreement, SAF Tehnika appoints Waseela as its strategic system integration and services partner for the MENA region.      SAF Tehnkia is using GITEX 2013 – Dubai opportunity to demonstrate its latest products and to highlight its commitment to the MENA region. SAF Tehnika is exhibiting inside Waseela’s both at GITEX 2013. Both companies are demonstrating their joint turnkey solutions combining the state-of-the-art Microwave systems from SAF Tehnika with the advanced engineering services from Waseela. Dr. Samer Taha, Waseela’s CEO, considered this agreement an important addition to the portfolio of Waseela’s professional and managed engineering services. Dr. Taha stated that “we are proud to extend our turnkey engineering services and technical support services to the internationally leading Microwave supplier SAF Tehnika. We are confident that with the quality, reliability and flexibility of SAF’s Microwave solutions combined with on-ground specialized turnkey engineering services from Waseela, the customers within MENA region will have easy access to hassle free state-of-the-art Microwave solutions.”      Mr. Normunds Bergs, SAF Tehnika’s CEO commented on this agreement by stating “SAF Tehnika is committed to the MENA market and is working to increase the level of its presence and support to its customers in the MENA region. With this partnership with Waseela we provide our customers with credible system integrator that can deliver turnkey Microwave solutions in addition to local product support.” Mr. Bergs clarified that the timing of this agreement comes as SAF Tehnika is witnessing increasing demand on its leading Microwave solutions from various market segments with the MENA region, including service providers, Oil & Gas and Public Safety.     Abou SAF Tehnika _ SAF Tehnika ( is among the world's top microwave carrier-class point-to-point radio manufacturers, publicly traded in NASDAQ, ISO certified, covering spectrum 300MHz-38GHz and licence-free 5.8MIMO, 17 and 24GHz with capacities up to 720Mbps full-duplex. SAF radios correspond to standards of ETSI, FCC and Industry Canada. SAF Tehnika is committed toward providing strong focus on both the production and delivery of customer-adapted wireless solutions at a competitive price and highest standards of quality. SAF Tehnika recognizes its strengths in terms of the products we design, produce and repair, all of which are undertaken within the same HQ in Europe. This culminates in a perfect understanding of our entire equipment range and as the sole vendor delivering these products we have the flexibility to adapt solutions to meet the needs of our customers.    About Waseela _ Waseela ( is a regional ICT System Integrator and Managed Services provider offering its services in the MENA region and has strong partnerships with leading international ICT and Telecom vendors. Waseela offers its solutions and services to customers in the segments of Telecom Operators, Public Safety, Smart Buildings, Oil & Gas, Transportation and Large Enterprises. Waseela is headquartered in Amman - Jordan with regional offices in Dubai - UAE, Abu Dhabi – UAE, Riyadh - KSA, Dammam – KSA, Jeddah – KSA and Doha - Qatar. Waseela is a subsidiary of Dar Al Hai for General Trading and Investment, a regional company with more than $485 Million of audited turnover in 2012.

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