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We focus on two important elements of Enterprise Digital Transformation: Cloud & Internet of Things (IoT). Our close partnerships with disruptive technology providers mean we’re always at the forefront of next-gen cloud data management solutions.
On the IoT front, our primary focus is on the Location of Things (LoT) where we enable our clients to integrate valuable location information into their business processes to unleash unlimited value. With experience in exceptional large enterprise projects, we’re able to consult, advise, implement, test & carry out clients’ success after implementation.

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Cyber Security

For any businesses that are in transition to the cloud, security is imperative.
Cloud computing faces the same evolving & sophisticated security threats as on-premise environments.

As the business landscape evolves, organizations are embracing cloud computing to unlock a wealth of benefits. From enhanced scalability & cost-efficiency to flexible & competitive solutions, the cloud empowers companies to achieve more while spending less.
Some of the Keys benefits offered start from Centralized security, Reduced costs, Reduced Administration, & mainly secure & reliable data access from anywhere.

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ICT Infrastructure

Deploying versatile, reliable, & highly secure ICT infrastructures (IT Modernization) to host & run business solutions has become increasingly compelling, but implementing & managing such sophisticated ICT infrastructure setups is a tiresome task for many organizations.

Guaranteeing the highest levels of process efficiency, effectiveness, & scalability, through acquired extensive experience and in-house certified teams, we are the partner of choice for organizations in which such projects are critical & vital to their breakthrough.

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Computing & Virtualization

Many organizations in the region have deployed servers that are only running at a fraction of their capacity, often because they are dedicating their physical server to a specific application. This inefficiency leads to higher operating costs.

Virtualization enables more efficient utilization of computer hardware & enables a greater return on an organization’s hardware investment, using software to create an abstraction layer over the physical hardware.

A hint of our offerings:

  • Server Virtualization (Hypervisor)
  • Storage Virtualization (HCI or Software Defined Storage)
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – VDI
  • Network Virtualization

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise, & aggressively brings evolution at a fast pace. In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new urgency to meeting digital transformation goals – and forced many organizations to speed up transformation work.

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Data backup & Recovery

Ensuring data security & recovery is a persistent challenge for organizations. With cyber threats on the rise, modern data backup solutions prioritize data resilience, observability, & remediation to protect against insider threats and ransomware.

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