Shopping Centers

Shopping outlets require sizeable investment to build. Today, many digital solution providers try and monetize shopping centers while the owners and operators are left out.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals are large facilities where patients have difficulties finding the clinic or laboratory they are looking for. Even healthcare workers struggle looking for misplaced equipment.

Theme Parks

Theme parks are expected to deliver unforgettable experiences. Getting lost, missing family members, long queues and running out of time are all experience spoilers.


Visitor experience is pivotal in the hospitality industry which is shifting towards providing value-add services to differentiate against online lodging marketplaces.


Airports are notorious for creating stressful experience for travelers, facility managers and airline officers. Delayed flights, missing passengers, lost luggage.


Campuses can be difficult to navigate. With interactive maps, contextual searching and turn-by-turn wayfinding, students and visitors can easily find their destination.

Your Journey

Waseela has been an icon in the MENA region for delivering Turnkey large-scale complex projects that extends nations wide.
An end-to-end approach supporting a greater return on investment for our clients.

Check each step to learn more about our unique process and our client-focused approach.


Each engagement begins with an in-depth objective comprehension and pre-assessment survey to understand your unique workflow and associated challenges. After all business requirements are collected, our consulting team and design engineers provide a customized cost/benefit analysis.

Planning & Design

Waseela’s wide and diverse partnerships offer scalable solutions and flexible approaches to you. With our in-house certified experts, the decisions about solutions design are made simple. Based on your unique environment, we help you to understand the most appropriate technology choice and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be used to measure future success.

Implementation & Rollout

Your customized solutions begin with the coordinated deployment and installation of your system by our project management and field engineering teams. Your dedicated project manager will provide support throughout every step of the process to ensure timely communications.


Connecting hardware and software is the easy part. Making personal connections is the unique part. Assembling the project’s pieces to build something greater than the sum of the parts is the reward.
Before project-close out, solutions are configured based on design and environment, thoroughly tested, and certified.


Programming is a mixture of art and science. The science bit is sticking to the correct syntax and programming rules, the art bit is finding creative ways of undertaking a programming task in the most efficient way possible.
Waseela’s certified team ensures optimization is at its highest.

Operation & Maintenance

With an experience in evolutionary maintenance across over 60 key clients across the MENA region, we take our in-house expertise to the next level in SLA and managed services.
We utilize our solutions to their maximum capacity to increase productivity, save cost, and simplify difficult processes.

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