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Waseela Service Provider Solutions

Waseela has proven itself over the years as a leading regional systems integrator capable of delivering turnkey projects to Tier-1 Telecom Operators at outstanding quality and competitive cost levels, providing state-of-the-art carrier-grade solutions and supporting operators for a fully-fledged-Transformation. Our rich portfolio of disruptive technologies for Service Providers focuses on connectivity and wireless access solutions and services, with a proven track record of successful mega projects in the region that enabled us to be the trusted partner for our clients as they continue to evolve to play a key role in the region’s Digital Transformation.

Key Offerings

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In-Building Wireless Solutions

Mobile communications connect people, boost productivity and enhance lives.
However, a building’s structure could get in the way of that .. In-Building Wireless  Solutions (IBS) provide the critical link to enable people’s and devices’ communication within an enclosed structure.

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Connectivity & Backhauling

We satisfy operators’ strategies to scale the mobile Connectivity & Backhauling Networks (LTE & 5G) & fixed networks (DSL, FTTH/FTTC & more) that directly affect the exponential growth of the high-capacity data consumption by end users.

Through our partnership with the world leaders in the industry, extensive experience, and in-house certified resources, we switch on (Plug & Play) the capacity needs in urban, suburban and rural areas of high-performing and thriving networks.

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Radio Access Network (RAN)

As we realize the significance of cloud-native RAN networks for leading service providers, and the accelerated evolvement of RAN’s support multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) antennas, wider spectrum bandwidths, multi-band carrier aggregation .. we thrive in enhancing and developing future-proof next-generation RAN networks for our clients.

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Network Managed Services

Day-to-day network and IT engineering and operations have been a core element in the life of mobile telecom, where it refers to all of the activities needed to design, build, manage, and optimize networks and IT, along with services and their associated confidentiality, integrity, availability and performance, and with the deployment of 5G and the demand for reliable, secure and robust connectivity, mobile network operators need to address the intensifying complexity of their networks that is driven by the increasing volume of devices, multiple new technologies, and more diverse service requirements.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation affects companies of all sizes and industries, and telecommunications companies are no exception. Telecom Operators are undergoing a rapid transformation – especially in the MENA region – where they have ceased to be providers of connectivity and have become providers of technological platforms.

MENA Figures show a steady transformation:

  • Increased demand for cloud-based technology by +33%
  • Digitalization of Revenue channels +30%
  • Investment in automation +25%
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