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Waseela Smart Building Solutions

As an essential element of any Smart City, Smart Buildings are a key market segment undergoing a significant transformation. Smart Building Unit involves innovative and custom-made smart solutions for government, semi-government and private sector entities, from commercial to residential spaces, with the aim of maximizing security and reducing overall long-term cost through advanced and top-notch technologies!
Our experience and a strong portfolio of mega projects in this domain have enabled us to better understand the challenges and fragmentation associated, and lead with innovative solutions in Physical Security, Building Automation, and Smart IT infrastructure.

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Physical Security

Buildings’ security has transformed in the digital age, from passive assets without connections to active, agile and flexible systems through smart integration, resulting in a revolution in the operational efficiency & automation of buildings.

Integration emerged as a game-changer, making security systems a cornerstone of any smart building.

Why is smart integration a crucial aspect of any smart building nowadays?

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Extra Low Voltage (ELV)

Capitalizing on over 15+ years of extensive experience, Waseela Smart Building Unit has responded to the increased demand in the Middle East for Infrastructure Technology in construction, leveraging an exceptional in-house certified expertise in systems integration & ELV infrastructure solutions.

Bringing the latest top-notch technologies, Waseela Smart Building Unit has an iconic journey delivering large-scale complex projects, starting from site surveys, choosing the right technology, engineering design, installation, programming & maintenance of equipment along with quality control testing, delivering a wide portfolio of services & solutions, including:

  • Audio / Video Intercom
  • Background Music (BGM)
  • Public Address Systems
  • Master Clock Systems
  • Door Lock Systems
  • SMATV Systems
  • Disable Alarm Systems
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Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Information & Communication Technology builds the essential foundation for transforming businesses with mobility, by providing the tools to communicate and collaborate anywhere any time.

From system planning to system training & support, our in-house certified project managers design & implement large-scale complex projects for many industry verticals such as airport terminals, world-class hotels, large residential communities, corporate offices, convention centres, manufacturing, facilities, warehouses and more.

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