Waseela CEO Dr.Samer Taha talks about ICT role in the construction industry

03 Jan 2016 

Waseela, an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company across the Middle East that delivers integrated system and service solutions, has been awarded USD 10 million worth of construction packages requiring integrated ICT/ELV/BMS systems in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. According to MEED Projects the total net value of planned and ongoing construction projects in the GCC amounts to USD 2.7 trillion. Of this, in 2015 alone, MEED Projects have forecasted the value of awarded constructions projects to reach USD172 billion, the highest on record for any year.

In the GCC a major trend in the construction sector is the adoption of Green, and Smart Building initiatives. The trends expand the role of technology in the construction of modern mega buildings which rely on integrated ICT/Extra Low Voltage (ELV) /Building Management Systems (BMS) systems for its efficient functioning. Typically, converged ICT/ELV/BMS solutions are expected to be a requirement at newly constructed malls, hotels, hospitals, airports, schools, and stadiums.

Smart Buildings are commonly equipped with ELV smart systems for physical security, communication, lighting, audio-visual, surveillance cameras, parking, and access control. While Green Buildings which are advanced versions of Smart Buildings require BMSs to control and regulate air conditioning, elevators, lighting and heating, and other electro-mechanical systems to make the buildings more economical and reduce harmful environmental contaminants.

“State-of-the-art BMS solutions now operate over IP networks. Similarly, this is the case with surveillance and access control solutions. In the coming years and as the trends of smart buildings intensify, more converged and integrated ICT/ELV/BMS solutions will emerge requiring more complex and sophisticated engineering and integration capabilities,” commented Dr Samer Taha, CEO, Waseela who also said that Waseela has observed a significant increase in demand for converged ICT/ELV/BMS packages amongst mega buildings under construction in the GCC.

Since 2007, Waseela has been active in building telecom solutions and has strong experience in advanced IP networking that include nationwide rollout of advanced wireless networks, to the rollout of advanced indoor telecom systems inside airports, hotels, malls, universities and towers across the GCC.

Capitalizing on these characteristics and responding to market trends, Waseelawas able to expand its engineering competency to form a specialized team for the design and delivery of converged ICT / ELV / BMS solutions to mega buildings. “Since 2013, Waseela began a process of consolidating its diverse engineering capabilities into a new converged ICT / ELV / BMS department specialized to work on smart buildings requirements,” emphasized Dr Taha.

Waseela’s experience combined with the adoption of state-of-the-art IP-based BMS and ELV solutions has put the company at the forefront of turnkey system integrators. Waseela’s success so far gives the company the confidence to take the lead in delivering complex and converged ICT / ELV / BMS solutions for mega smart buildings. As such, Waseela is currently participating and bidding for long-term projects with converged ICT/ELV/ BMS packages, expected to materialize during 2016-2017 at an approximate value of USD 50 million.