Waseela completes delivery and integration of more than 1,500 Redline broadband wireless systems in Jordan

20 Nov 2011

Waseela for Technology Consultations (Waseela), a systems integrator specializing in broadband wireless technologies for telecom operators, service providers and large enterprises in the region, announced that it recently completed the delivery and integration of more than 1,500 broadband wireless systems from its strategic technology partner Redline Communications into the Jordanian market.

These advanced broadband wireless systems were delivered to telecom service providers, large enterprises and public service organizations in the country of Jordan. The announcement comes few weeks after Waseela'sparticipation in Gitex 2011.

Waseela is the Value Added Distributor and Preferred System Integrator of the Toronto-based RedLineCommunications Group Inc. for the whole Middle East region. Waseela and Redline have been collaborating and partnering since 2007 to develop and expand the broadband wireless industry in the Middle East region.

Waseela uses Redline technology to offer high-speed, reliable and long-range connectivity carrying data, voice and video for telecom service providers, public sector, security organization and large enterprises in the region.

Dr. Samer Taha, CEO of Waseela, stated, "We are glad to be sharing the achievement of this milestone afterGitex 2011, as both Waseela and Redline participated in Gitex this year to continue demonstrating their mutual commitment to the Middle East region. Achieving this milestone in Jordan, as an example on one of our countries of operations in the region, is of specific importance since the Jordanian market is one of the most competitive telecom markets in the region due to its early deregulation policies for the telecom sector."Mr. Eric Melka, CEO of Redline, commented on this milestone and stated, "It is truly an honor to work with such a committed partner. Waseela's continuous investment in relationships and understanding the needs of their customers makes them the first choice when contemplating communications solutions."

Melka continued to say "Waseela'simpressive milestone in Jordan further validates the market perception of the great value of the combined offering from Redline and Waseela."

Mr. Amjad Al Dari, Country Manager of Waseela-Jordan and Regional Director of Operations, commented on this success, "Combining Redline technology along with Waseela'sengineering competencies allowed many operators in Jordan to maximize their ARPU which allowed these operators to offer better services at lower cost. This resulted in reducing the prices of business internet services throughout all areas of Jordan. Waseela's strong understanding of spectrum management and spectrum allocation contributed significantly in the successful and large-scale adoption of Redline broadband wireless solutions in Jordan."