In collaboration with Abu Dhabi Sustainable Water Solutions Company “SWS”,
Waseela delivers turnkey water tankering systems in the UAE.

In collaboration with Abu Dhabi Sustainable Water Solutions Company “SWS”, Waseela delivers turnkey water tankering systems in the UAE.

In the landscape of resource management, innovation is key to meeting the needs of sustainable industries and communities. The collaboration between Abu Dhabi Sustainable Water Solutions Company (SWS) and Waseela, a leading Master Systems Integrator, demonstrates how technological innovation can drive business outcomes.

A new level of convenience of Water Tankering Systems

SWS’ Water Tankering System provides an “Uber-like” experience to SWS customers and water delivery partners in Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain, as the platform promises an effortless customer experience for all water tinkering needs. The solution encompasses an IoT-driven platform accessible through a mobile application by both the service user and provider. The interactive application boasts multiple features as users can customize the interface based on their needs. The solution was developed based on real-time data and aims to be scalable to better address the growing needs of the water sustainability sector.

“Teaming up with Abu Dhabi Sustainable Water Solutions Company (SWS), Waseela places automation and IoT-driven solutions at the heart of our partner’s business to deliver an effortless experience for end-users,” stated Ibrahim Bala’awi, a Managing Director at Waseela. He emphasized, “with gratitude to our key partner “FAMS” for making this project possible, this collaboration goes beyond just system delivery; it’s about crafting sustainable solutions through IoT-driven systems integrations that bring significant positive results on business objectives to both communities and industries.”

Key Components of the Project

The solution crafted for the tankering industry encompasses a comprehensive suite of components aimed at tackling its distinct challenges, such as reducing illegal dumping and fostering safer environments. At the heart of this innovative approach is a specialized Mobility Platform, meticulously designed to enhance route optimization and ensure adherence to environmental regulations. This pivotal component plays a crucial role in curtailing illegal dumping by leveraging advanced live tracking and geofencing technologies, ensuring that tankers operate strictly within designated safe zones to prevent environmental hazards.

Further strengthening the operational framework is the Customer and Order Management Software, which seamlessly manages orders to ensure that waste disposal services are executed timely and in full compliance with legal stipulations. This system is instrumental in orchestrating regular pickups and efficiently handling ad-hoc requests, significantly mitigating the risk of unlawful disposal practices. Complementing this infrastructure are the Customer Web Portal and Mobile Apps for iOS and Android platforms, which empower customers with the capability to effortlessly schedule tankering services, monitor the status of their orders, and access vital documentation related to waste disposal. This suite of applications plays a vital role in promoting responsible waste management practices among customers.

Enhancing the driver’s ability to navigate and comply with operational mandates, the Driver Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) is equipped with state-of-the-art features. This device not only guides drivers through optimized routes that meticulously avoid environmentally sensitive areas but also enables real-time communication with the dispatch centre. This ensures that drivers can promptly report and address any issues that arise during their routes, further reinforcing measures against illegal dumping.

At the core of enabling informed decision-making within the tankering industry are the tailored Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards, powered by the “TMC” Mobility Platform’s advanced proprietary big data engine. Designed with the unique needs of tankering operations in mind, these BI dashboards offer unparalleled insights through analytical graphs and KPI monitoring, backed by a powerful engine capable of maintaining years’ worth of data. This feature facilitates rapid access to information, enabling unprecedented business insights that include predictive analysis and user-friendly interfaces, thus significantly enhancing operational efficiency and environmental compliance.

About SWS Holding

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, SWS Holding is a leading company specializing in sustainable water solutions to transform one of our most valuable natural resources, contribute to sustainable economic development and improve the quality of life. As part of ADQ, one of the region’s largest holding companies with a broad portfolio of major enterprises, SWS Holding has a focus on providing innovative solutions to manage water resources and is committed to delivering world-class solutions that meet the needs of industries and communities.

Aligned with the UAE’s commitment to the Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiative and to the United Nations SDGs, SWS Holding acts as a catalyst for promoting smart and sustainable growth through the power of collaboration, mainly B2B and G2G partnerships.

The local portfolio of SWS Holding includes Abu Dhabi Sustainable Water Solutions (ADSWS), which is the sole entity behind all wastewater collection, treatment, and reuse in the Emirate. With over 1,341,000 m3 collected daily through an extensive 12,000 km network supported by over 200 pumping stations and 42 treatment plants, the company works towards reducing the pressure on natural water resources and promoting sustainability and value creation.

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About Waseela

As a pioneering Systems Integrator in the region since 2007, Waseela is reshaping the business landscape in the GCC through innovative Systems Integration projects. Collaborating with industry leaders like Sustainable Water Solutions (SWS) of Abu Dhabi, we are revolutionizing the impact of cutting-edge IoT-driven solutions on communities and industries. Operating across Jordan, KSA, UAE, and Qatar, Waseela has made a lasting impact on over 325 clients in government, semi-government, and private enterprises.

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