Waseela delivers optimization services for Mobile-WiMAX solution of Samsung in Saudi Arabia

02 Aug 2010

Waseela (regional integrated telecommunication solutions supplier headquartered in Amman-Jordan) was awarded by Seoul Commtech Company, an affiliate company of Samsung Electronics, the Radio Access Network (RAN) Optimization of Samsung's Mobile-WiMAX Network's rollout in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Dr. Samer M. Taha, Waseela's CEO and Chairman of the Board, stated that most of the optimization work has been completed across the three regions of Saudi Arabia at the time of writing this press release. The scope of services included Single-Site RAN Optimization and Clusters-Based RAN Optimization for the IEEE 802.16e Mobile-WiMAX technology of Samsung in order to achieve the specified RAN KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Dr. Samer added.

Dr. Samer also clarified that this is the first time a regional company performs such a complex and advanced optimization project for a large Mobile-WiMAX network, he explained that Waseela completed the optimization services for more than 600 Mobile-WiMAX sites in a very short duration. Dr. Samer praised the professionalism and dedication of Waseela'soptimization team which led to this outstanding performance.