Waseela designs and supplies backhaul network of The Blue Zone

28 Apr 2010

Waseela for Integrated Telecommunications Solutions (the regional telecom system integrator headquartered in Amman-Jordan) was awarded the planning, design and supply of the regional Backhaul and Transport Network of the new regional telecom operator 'The Blue Zone'.

The first phase of the project started in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan where The Blue Zone obtained a Broadband Wireless Access license. In the second half of 2009, Waseelaperformed the RF planning and network design of the Microwave backhaul network for The Blue Zone based on the native-IP high-capacity Microwave solution from Waseela's partner Dragon Wave Inc.

Mr. Amjad Al Dari, Director of Operations at Waseela, stated that the majority of the backhaul links have already been supplied and installed by end of the first quarter of 2010 and that tens of additional links are being supplied and installed currently. Mr. Amjad added that Waseela is confident that the strength and flexibility of the native-IP Microwave solution from Dragon Wave and the optimized backhaul design by Waseela will enable The Blue Zone to offer state-of-the-art quality of service and traffic protection throughout its backhaul network.

Mr. Amjad clarified that the focus and specialization of Waseela in IP and Broadband Wireless technologies enabled the company to become the system integrator of choice for operators rolling out IP wireless networks like WiMAX, Pre-WiMAX and/or WiFiNetworks.