Waseela-KSA Bestowed Award for Training Programme from Prince Sultan University

03 Jan 2016  

The Waseela Saudi Arabia office has received an award from the Prince Sultan University in Riyadh in recognition of its training partnership programme. Dr. Rami Abu Alhiga, head of Waseela Operations in Saudi Arabia, accepted the award for ‘Strategic Cooperative Training Partner’ on behalf of Waseela from the Dean of Student Affairs of Prince Sultan University, Dr.Abdullah Saghaier Al-Hussaini

The training program launched in 2015 and entitled ‘Cooperative Engineering Training Program’ is a collaboration between the College of Engineering at the Prince Sultan University and Waseela- KSA. The programme is currently open to Telecom and Communication Engineers.

“In addition to providing industry experience to students who will be graduating from their degree programmes, an important goal is preparing students for the reality of working life. We aim to do this by introducing generic aspects of organizational culture and current management processes,” commented Dr.Samer Taha, CEO, Waseela.

The training programme which was inaugurated in 2015 currently has two batches and a total of 10 students from different nationalities. Students that are graduating in the first half of 2016 will move on to on-job training. This is a particularly important feature of the training programme which aims to help new graduates going through a difficult transition period. The training programme will continue into 2016, and the new batch of students will start their 6 month programme on 17 January 2016.

As Saudi Arabia continues its push for the development and diversification of their economy, the training partnership between the Prince Sultan University and Waseela is a good example of the collaboration required between the private sector and education sector. Training programmes like this will serve the government development plans indirectly by introducing educated youth who have a basic foundation of corporate know-how and ultimately can act as a stimulus for the company and eventually the country’s economy.