Waseela launches in-house research and development programme for wireless real-time location-services applications

12 Oct 2011

Waseela for Technology Consultations (Waseela), a systems integrator specialising in broadband wireless technologies for telecom operators, service providers and large enterprises in the Region, announced that it has launched an in-house research and development programme for enhancing, customising and localising Wireless Real-Time Location-Services (WRTLS) applications and products.

The WRTLS technology enables locating humans and objects through the use of small tags on near-real-time basis and inside buildings or inside dense-urban areas where GPS-based location services do not work. The WRTLS technology relies on the standard-WiFiwireless systems and provides accuracy that reaches up to a couple of metres only. Additionally, this technology allows for interactive communication with the tags adding more possibilities for its utilisation.

The WRTLS has important applications to increase productivity, improve efficiency, enhance security, tighten control and streamline processes in hospitals, logistics facilities, manufacturing facilities, airports, shopping malls and amusement parks.

Dr. Samer Taha, CEO and Founder of Waseela, stated at Gitex where Waseelais exhibiting this year, that "The decision to create a dedicated in-house programme for WRTLS highlights the determination of Waseela to lead the wireless system integration activities in the Middle East region. It puts Waseelaon the front-line of being one of the very few companies in the region that are capable of running R&D programs towards producing advanced wireless solutions. We are confident of the capabilities of our engineers and confident of the joint research initiatives we will expedite with selected leading universities in the region." Dr. Samer also clarified that a major part of the R&D efforts will go towards building and customising software modules including Arabisation of the customer interface modules in addition to customizing special applications for different industry and market requirements.

Waseela has demonstrated basic forms of the WRTLS technology at its booth at Gitex where different types of tags in addition to different types of WiFi-enabled Smartphone where tracked in a near-real-time way with high accuracy. It was also demonstrated how different logical rules can be created to trigger location-based decisions, like raising an alarm if a specific tag crosses a specific boundary, etc which represents a safety application where a warning message can be sent to parents if their child crosses a specific area in a mall, for example. Many other behaviour-based and location-based events and decisions were demonstrated during the Waseelademo of WRTLS technology.

Waseela WRTLS solutions and applications are ready to be delivered to customers in the Middle East region with more features and enhancements scheduled to be delivered over the coming year.