Waseela provides WiMAX solution for Kalimat Telecom

12 Nov 2008

Waseela, the regional system integration partner of RedLine Communications, completed the solution delivery of the first phase of Kalimat Telecom's WiMAX Network Rollout. Using latest certified WiMAX product line fromRedLine Communications bundled with other advanced networking solutions, Waseela completed the planning, design and integration of the first phase of the WiMAX Network that was launched in Baghdad by Kalimat Telecom on November 8, 2008.

"We are now officially underway and raring to take on the future through Iraq's telecommunication requirements. With Kalimat, Iraq is witnessing a full-scale deployment of fixed wireless technology across the country, not just in urban clusters, but in remote areas as well; I thank everyone who was behind the launch - Our devoted and efficient Engineers, Support Staff, Redline, the technology providers, the solution provider Waseela, The Bankers, NBK and The Gulf Bank, the research analysts, the marketing department and the communications experts."

Wilson Varghese, Kalimat Telecom CEO and President announced at a press conference held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel which was attended by some Iraq embassy officials.Dr Nasi Abachi, CTO Kalimat Telecom noted that new WiMaxservice will facilitate the provision of many important services for the SME sector and large businesses.

"The WiMax service will allow provisions of up to about 21 Mbps, per sector in the four sector base stations that Kalimat uses. This facilitates the provision of multitude of broadband services of various speeds to a relatively large number of users," he mentioned.

Dr. Samer Taha, General Manager of Waseela added that the WiMAX solution designed and delivered to Kalimat Telecom has the capabilities of delivering high-speed reliable data and multimedia services under true non-line-of-sight conditions and also has a coverage range of more than 15Km.

"This strong performance will enable Kalimat Telecom to deliver telecom services quickly in Iraq to customers that are very hard-to-be-reached using traditional wired solution," he mentioned in the press conference.